Malvern Victoria

Bowling Club

Victoria Park, Malvern Link, Worcestershire, WR14 2JY

(Founded 1908)

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Malvern Victoria Bowling Club was founded in 1908, The R. H. Earl Beauchamp was the owner of the land, now Victoria Park Malvern Link.

He constructed a bowling green on the land where the tennis courts are to day, which was for use by the "Gentlemen of the Link".

In 1946 Earl Beauchamp gave the playing fields to Malvern Urban District Council to be kept as a playing field. After two years Malvern Urban District Council wanted to dispose of the bowling green to make way for tennis courts, the gentlemen however insisted that that a new bowling green was constructed where it is to day before relinquishing the existing green, this was agreed.

Three of our members, HP Benbridge, HW Thomas, and NA Jones attended the first AGM of Worcestershire Bowling Association on Tuesday 14 January 1930.

The 1968 Diamond Jubilee year yielded, President - E Chapman, Vice President - AE Thomas, Captain - WJ Virgo, Vice Captain - A Herridge, Honorary Treasurer - E Berrow, Secretary-WD Haggar. In those days 29 matches were played whereas now play about 30 matches. In 1970 Ladies were invited to join the club with an annual fee of £1-00, the men's fee was £5-00

Malvern Victoria Bowling Club have had three County Presidents:

1977 Frank Wainwright, 1987 Victor Blackshaw, 1965 Gordon Hall.


Lawn bowls are usually played straight up and down a bowling green. In "singles" play each player has 4 bowls which are rolled alternately to a target ball, called a jack. In "pairs" play, which is a team of 2 players, each player has 4 bowls where the first pair roll their bowls alternately to the jack, then the second pair roll their bowls. Other teams of"triples" and "fours" play in a similar manner.


(Previously known as Inter Club Triples League)

Each club to elect two members to sit on the League Committee/AGM. All problems or queries to be ratified by the League Committee/AGM

The League shall have up to three divisions - Divisions 1 and 2 playing on Monday nights and Division 3 playing on Wednesday nights.

With regards to promotion and relegation, the bottom of Divisions 1 and 2 at the end of the season shall be relegated. The winning teams of Divisions 2 and 3 will be promoted.

It shall be at the discretion of the League Organiser (having consulted club representatives) to alter this from time to time in order that division shall be of the approximate equal proportions.

If a Division 3 team winner is unable to play the next season on a Monday then the place to be offered to the runner up team together with the winning prize money. The runner up prize money to go to the third team. The banner will be awarded to the actual Division 3 winner.

Teams shall be comprised of Two Rinks of Triples. Any number of players may be used as long as they are full members of the club and that they should only play for one triples team in a season. A team failing to comply will forfeit the points for that game.

The competition to be played under the current Association rules (EBA/Bowls England). Two trial ends, and the start of the game to be 6.15 p.m. (Not later than 6.30 p.m.). Any team turning up more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the game and points. In the event of the green being unplayable the points to be shared. If the green becomes unplayable during the game then the score at 10 ends will decide the result. Any other cancellation  will result in a full points forfeit by the team cancelling the game unless the game can be arranged BEFORE the game date of within 7 DAYS following the fixture date. Any team failing to field a full team will forfeit all points.

Scoring - TWO points awarded for each triple rink or ONE point for a draw and a further TWO points for the highest aggregate score, or ONE point for a draw - making a maximum of SIX POINTS

Division positions will be decided on points followed by shots difference. In the event of a tie a play-off will be arranged on a neutral green.

Games to be played from late April to early August according to the fixture list circulated at the start of the season.

The league will confine itself to a maximum of eight teams per division.

The home team to provide the score card. The winning team is responsible for sending in the results preferable by email, post or recorded telephone message. If a draw then the home team should notify the result. Cards to be retained by each team for the season.

Results will be posted on the Manor Park(Outdoor Bowls) Web Site on a regular basis.

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